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The Local’s goal is to give you all the news and essential information you need about life in nine European countries. Whether you are a foreign resident, a frequent visitor, someone with family here or are planning a move, our aim is to provide what you need.

Because The Local is staffed by people who have set up lives abroad, we have a keen understanding of the challenges our readers face and we work closely with our members across Europe to bring you the stories and practical tips that really matter.

The Local was founded in 2004 and we now have a team of dedicated journalists on the ground in nine countries. In 2018 we launched membership and in 2021 we were thrilled to reach a milestone of 50,000 paying members. This support means everything to us and makes us more determined than ever to continue investing in our award-winning independent journalism.

Meet the team

James Savage

CEO & Publisher

James moved to Sweden from the UK at the start of the millennium and was a co-founder of The Local in 2004. 

Ben McPartland

Managing Editor

Ben comes from the UK and became the first editor of The Local France in 2013. He now heads the editorial team from Paris.

Paul Rapacioli


Originally from London, Paul moved to Sweden in 2003. He started The Local with James Savage in 2004.

Dusan Novakovic

Chief Technology Officer

Born on the Croatian coastline, professionally shaped in the capital of Serbia, Dusan moved to Sweden in 2009 hungry for new tech adventures. Joined The Local in 2022.

Emma Löfgren

Deputy Managing Editor & Editor, The Local Sweden

Emma returned to her native Sweden and joined The Local in 2015 after an eight-year stint in Scotland.

Anna Agebjörn-McFarlane

Director - Commercial Strategy & Sales

Originally from Sweden, but after a 12-year stint in Glasgow and London Anna claims to feel more British than Swedish. She has been with The Local since 2012 and heads up our commercial team.

Nicholas Rabbidge

Head of Product & Marketing

Nic is responsible for growing our membership subscription service. Originally from Australia, he now lives in Stockholm.

Samantha Govender

Director of Operations

Originally from South Africa, Sam now lives in Stockholm where she keeps things ticking over at company HQ.

Paige Latham

Customer Support Specialist

Paige grew up in Iowa (USA). She has lived in Italy for 15 years and has also worked in the USA, Hong Kong and the UK.

Paul O'Mahony

Editorial Product Manager

Paul comes from Ireland and has lived in Sweden since 1999. He first joined The Local as a reporter in 2006. 

James Corden

Digital Marketing Manager

James comes from the UK and works with social media and marketing from our office in Stockholm. 

Lara Thordardottir

Ad Operations Executive

Lara, originally from Iceland, now lives in Stockholm, Sweden where she manages our ad operations.

Catherine Edwards

Editor, The Local Austria

Catherine comes from Cheshire in the UK. She worked in Italy, Germany and Sweden before before moving to Vienna in 2021.

Hayley Maguire

Journalist, The Local Austria

Hayley is from the UK and moved to Austria in 2020 (for the second time). She is a regular contributor to The Local and also works as a copywriter.

Michael Barrett

Editor, The Local Denmark

Michael hails from Suffolk but studied in Beirut and Denmark and has also worked as a business reporter with Bloomberg Tax. He joined The Local in 2015.  

Emma Pearson

Editor, The Local France

Originally from Yorkshire in the UK, Emma worked as content editor at the Lancashire Evening Post before moving to France. She joined The Local as France editor in 2019.  

Sam Bradpiece

Journalist, The Local France

Sam joined The Local in 2021 after previously writing for outlets like The Washington Post, The Guardian, and The Times.

Rachel Stern

Editor, The Local Germany (on parental leave)

Rachel moved to Germany from California in 2014. An experienced journalist, she joined The Local in 2017. 

Rachel Loxton

Acting Editor, The Local Germany

Rachel comes from Scotland and has lived in Berlin since 2017. She joined The Local in 2018 after ten years of writing and editing for UK publications.

Imogen Goodman

Journalist, The Local Germany

Imogen was born in south-west England and moved to Berlin in 2016. She joined The Local as a staff reporter in 2021 after working as a freelancer for five years.

Clare Speak

Editor, The Local Italy

Originally from Manchester, England, Clare lived and worked in several European countries including Spain and the Czech Republic before moving to Italy. She joined The Local in 2018. 

Karli Drinkwater

Journalist, The Local Italy

Karli is a British journalist and producer. She reported to the international press from the frontline of Italy’s Covid-19 pandemic and continues to cover the latest news and features on life in Italy and Europe.

Elaine Allaby

Journalist, The Local Italy

Originally from the UK, Elaine has lived in Rome, Italy for the last several years. She started writing for The Local’s Italy edition in 2018. 

Frazer Norwell

Editor, The Local Norway

Frazer is originally from the UK but is now happy to call Norway home. He worked for ITV News before joining The Local in 2021.  

Alex Dunham

Editor, The Local Spain

Born in the UK but bred in Spain, Alex is a multimedia journalist who has lived and worked in Europe, the UAE and South Africa.  

Richard Orange

Journalist, The Local Sweden

Richard is a Malmö-based British writer who has written regularly for The Guardian and The Telegraph.

Becky Waterton

Journalist, The Local Sweden

Becky comes from Manchester and previously lived in Denmark, Austria and Scotland. Now based in Malmö, she joined The Local in 2021. 

Dan Wighton

Editor, The Local Switzerland

Dan arrived in Europe from Australia in 2011. He has written for The Telegraph and AFP, joining The Local in 2018. 

Helena Bachmann

Journalist, The Local Switzerland

Based in Geneva, Helena is a highly experienced writer who has also contributed to outlets like TIME magazine, USA Today and United Press International.

Kirsten Keefe Davidsson

Digital Marketing Manager

Originally from Minnesota, USA, Kirsten has worked as a Marketing Manager at The Local in Sweden since 2020. 

Robin Yapp

Commercial Content Editor (on parental leave)

Robin joined The Local in March 2020 and leads the production of our commercial content. Originally from the UK, he lives in Stockholm. 

Martijn Balzer

International Key Account Manager

Martijn moved to Sweden from the Netherlands at the start of the millennium and joined The Local during the spring of 2021.

Paul Connolly

Commercial Content Editor

Previously a journalist in the UK at The Times and Reuters, Paul moved to Sweden nine years ago and is now part of The Local’s commercial content team. 

Mike Stuchbery

Commercial Content Editor

Mike, based in Germany and originally from Australia, is a Content Editor for the DACH region and regularly contributes to The Local Germany.  

Ryan Wernberg

International Key Account Manager

Originally from South Africa, now a five year resident of Sweden, Ryan works with strategic partnerships in our commercial team.

Brooke Burke

Account Manager (on parental leave)

Brooke is originally from Colorado and has many years of digital media experience. She joined The Local’s commercial team in 2019.

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